Thank you for checking on the progress of my project, to create an interactive map of SouthEast Alaska.

First off, there is a new BLOG if you want to keep up to date. While I may not find too many places to update the blog because of the lack of internet, I will see what I can do this year to keep people back home up to date. Wish me luck on this one.

While 2007 did not go exactly as planned, 2008 was a bountiful year. This year I need to make up a small area that was skipped thus far and continue with the route planned for this season. I believe by making the adjustments made, this year again will be more than productive and absolutely incredible.

So what changed?

This will be the second season on the M/V Sea Quil, the second boat I purchased and custom fitted for this project. The boat is ready and more than capable of covering the 1300 nautical miles necessary.

Atop the vessel are two kayaks and on the back deck is my trusty dinghy. Food hopefully will once again be provided at a discount by Mountain House. They have been great thus far in helping lower the cost of this tremendously expensive production. UPDATE: Yes, Mountain House graciously allowed me to once again order all the food this year at a discount.

Once I have the weather on my side and the right crew member, we will embark on a circumnavigation of Baranof and Admiralty Islands as well as Kuiu and Mitkof Islands and Kopreanof. We will also explore the arms of Tracy and Endicott and other mainland fjords.

So far, I have around 5,000 images and by the end of this project would expect to have over 12,000 images. This is only the ones I hand pick and hand edit. I am so excited of everything I have shot thus far. From bears swimming next to my kayak to a whale that breached only 30 feet from the dinghy. Also a sow that nursed her two spring cubs right in front of us. Or the eagles and whales and porcupines, oh... the list goes on and on. And more hidden treasures and scenics than I thought I could capture.

So where are the photographs?

Good question. I could post them all here on the site, but then what would I market. Still, I want to show this body of work so badly but there is one thing I must first do before I can show much of anything... I must copyright the images the right way. I need to wait and gather all images and document them with the copyright office. Yes, there is such a thing and that is what I aim to do.

So hang in there and keep checking back with me and I will post what I can as I can. Please keep me and my crew in mind this year as you enjoy your summer knowing we are out there doing all we can and putting ourselves no doubt at some risk to bring you the most detailed viewing of SE Alaska. For those who have seen the slide shows, they most likely would tell you the images up to date are absolutely magical.

I can't wait for you, the audience to see them next. Thank you.

Randal W Queen
randal at_

Look for us if you are out there this year, the MV SeaQuil. Hail us on channel 16 if you think we are in the area. Thanks.